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Char Slager is an Inspirational Strategist & Motivational Speaker. She is a writer, a Certified Life Coach & Certified True Colors Personality Style Consultant. For over 20 years, she has been coaching, consulting, facilitating & speaking at events, seminars, workshops & retreats. Her focus is to encourage the appreciation of the different personalities, building motivated teams & helping others to live their best life.

Char is a refreshing blend of candor, enthusiasm, humor & emotion. She shares her life with a vulnerability that is contagious & laughs at herself with a transparency that is disarming.

Her passion is the human spirit! She totally loves people, diversity & motivating others to find their power & to wear it well! She is a stunning example of someone who loves being a woman, of finding a sense of awe & wonder in the ordinary…even the mundane…& of walking thru extraordinary circumstances with her joy & delight still shining through at the end of it all!

In 2005 while instructing at a college in Southern Alberta, Char met Randy, on the phone. They fell in love, were married & she moved out to the ‘Far East’…the far east of Saskatchewan, at Christmas of that year. The pink haired city slicker became a grain farmer’s wife & was the Human Resource Specialist on their corporate farm for 9 years.

While Char has served on numerous boards, one of her ‘close to the heart’ passions has been the position of President of the Board, of the International Rural Exchange Canada Inc, which she held for almost 10 years. This is an organization that matches farmers with young people (trainees) from different countries, who want to learn more about agriculture in Canada, and matches our young people with farmers from other countries to experience agriculture there. She has now become the ‘Pink Mama’ of over 55 ‘kids’ around the world. Char had always longed for her home to be filled with the laughter of children & God answered big time!

Are you looking for:
Some heart-warming inspiration?
Ways to see your glass half full?
Techniques for approaching stressful times in a new way?
Inspiration for moving forward past the pain in your life?
Strategies to motivate your team to function as an awesome one?
Motivational approaches for living a full & satisfied life?

If you are feeling the need for any of these or you’re simply wanting some JAZZ, PIZZAZZ & LAUGHTER, she will not disappoint.



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Nice Things People Are Saying

  • “You taught that everyone is different but valued, that care-givers deserve care & that there is a need for laughter in life’s serious issues. Because you are a down-to-earth, authentic & caring person, your message resonated with those attending our workshop, mainly care-givers & family members & friends of those suffering with Alzheimer’s. We really enjoyed & benefited from hearing you speak about life’s ups & downs & ways to balance our cares & difficulties with gratitude & laughter.”
    Kelly, College Health Program Coordinator
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