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In last month’s Loved & Laughing Blog post, I shared about clutter.
It is bro’t on by several things –
In my case it has to do with ADOS.

flowers 5 31 2019

You see, while I do not have ADD or ADHD,
I found I’ve been afflicted with ADOS:
Attention Deficit Oh Sparkles!!

My ADOS kicks in when I’m in the middle of doing something & another thing catches my eye or tho’ts.
Then, I’m off to that new sparkly attention grabber.

Let me share an actual example of how it goes.
I decide I’m going to do some cleaning.
& then I see that there is something that has to go downstairs,
sitting on our table,
located at the top of said stairs.

Down I go.
As I reach the storage room,
I see the bookshelf that holds my old photo albums
& remember my sister wanted a picture from one of them.

I start a lovely stroll down memory lane as I peruse the albums to find the picture, she wants me to send.
It’s been almost an hour, but I’ve found it.

Picture the thinking emoji –
cuz that’s what starts next.
Hhhmmm – let’s see.
Before I take it up,
I should clean the basement bathroom.

Once in the bathroom,
I see the load of towels that should go in the washer.

O my!
& there’s my top hanging on the clothes rack,
The one I want to wear tomorrow.

So, I take it upstairs.
But I forget the picture, that I set on the dryer.

I’m upstairs now.
& see the pile of magazines on the coffee table
that I want to sort thru
cuz I’m gonna donate some to our delightful little village library.

O wow!!
Look at that cute living room in this Interior Design Mag.
Maybe I shouldn’t donate these after all?

The phone rings & my sweet honey bear needs a ride to the field.
After I drop him off –
I do that contemplative thing again
& decide I should pop by the shop
& have a cuppa tea with our farm’s adorable trainee/cook.
Oops! Better sizzle on home
& start prepping supper.

Good grief!
It’s supper-time & I haven’t gotten one room totally clean.
I’m surrounded with pretty magazines.
The towels are still in the washer –
& on top of it I can’t find that picture for my sister anywhere! Gggrrr!

flowers2 5 31 2019

Those of you who do not share this personality characteristic can’t even imagine how I get dressed in the morning. LOL!!

I am however, an organized messy.
There maybe a pile of files & papers on my desk,
but if Randy asks me where a certain form is,
I can go right to it.

So weird!

I am on a clear the clutter mission in our home.
Given my acute case of ADOS –
This is sure to take awhile.

I have said before,
that if things are cluttered,
my mind feels cluttered.
I am not as relaxed or comfortable as I can be –
Or as I want to be.

& then, O! My! Goodness!!

I’m also embarrassed when someone shows up unexpectedly.
PLEASE IMAGINE the Rolling eyes emoji & red embarrassed face. LOL!

Speaking of emojis –
I just love ‘em!
I can write an entire text just using emojis.
But I usually use the words as well…cuz…um…O ya!
I really love words too.

I have digressed again.
Huge surprise!
Back to the cleaning & sorting.

I have a fabulous friend,
who cleared her clutter,
& caught up on her photo albums –
In one weekend,
when her husband & daughter weren’t around.

I can’t even!!
I’m sooo impressed!
If I attempted to do that,
I’d empty my closet on our bed –
Then sort the ‘hang’, ‘give’ & ‘turf’ into piles –

O my!
It’s time to make supper –
After supper we’d catch Family Feud & laugh.
& then I’d read for a bit.

Then it would be -
I forgot that all that stuff is laying in piles on the bed!
So, I’d scoop it all up
& pile it in the library,
So that we could go to bed.

However, there’s not enough room, in there,
to put it into separate piles,
so, it ends up in one big pile.

I’d wake up the next day,
Not having any reason,
that’d come to mind, (again, the eyes rolling),
For opening the library door.

I’d get busy with paperwork in the office.
We’d buzz into the city to do some errands…

This ADOS Babe would carry on.
& 5 days later when I’d open the library door,
to grab a book -
Ah ha!
Would you look at that?!

I’d have forgotten -
Only, then,
I’d need to sort it all again cuz of that one pile thing.

That could actually happen with me.
Grin. Grin.
Wink. Wink.

But seriously –
a real recommendation would be to start with one small project –
like your purse.
Then move on to your bathroom.
Start with the cupboard under the sink.
Each small victory will propel you further.

Something I totally understand about my personality,
is that I function much better with lists
& corresponding deadlines.
They help me gain focus.

The accountability of telling someone I will have a certain thing completed on a particular day,
gives me what I need to turn off my sparkle tracker,
until the project is done.

I do this with items that my bookkeeper needs from me.
With my web dude too, so I actually get my ‘Love Notes’ & blog posts completed.
This also helped me complete both of my books.

This quirky, at times frustrating,
ADOS part of my personality
used to be the cause for self-flogging & self-loathing.
I now embrace it as a delightful & fun part of who I am.
That part, which at times, requires some focused self-regulation.

To finish this off –
If you have not been diagnosed with ADOS –
Be grateful
& enjoy!

If, like me,
ADOS is an integral part of your life –
Have fun with it!
Embrace it!
Pray for the people in your life who are blessed with loving you –
While you’re enjoy.

 flowers3 5 31 2019

april2019O how awesome!  

He is Risen!!

Just so grateful.

Thank you, God!

For Jesus

& Easter!

O my!

Otherwise where would we be?


The following isn’t so much about Easter…
It’s more about this mind’s pondering lately.

A few weeks ago, I read something that got me thinking. The author said, ‘what would you like to have at 80?”

 For me that’s only 15 years away. Imagine a screaming face emoji. Grin. Grin. That’s seemed too close, so, I started thinking about being 85 instead.

 If I think I get ‘looks’ now by having pink hair, what will those ‘looks’ look like when I’m an eccentric 85-year-old babe with pink hair?

That didn’t cause me much concern, cuz the pink hair is staying.


Check out the meaning of the word eccentric, noting some of the synonyms:

(of a person or their behavior), unconventional and slightly strange

uncommon, irregular, odd, strange, peculiar, bizarre, outlandish, extraordinary, quirky, nonconformist, whimsical; avant garde; 

informal: way out, far out, offbeat, nutty, screwy, freaky, oddball, wacky, off the wall, madcap, zany; kooky, in left field

"they were worried by his/her eccentric behavior"

I’m pretty sure many of them describe me already.

Thinking about being 85, did get me asking myself some other questions…the ones I mentioned I’d be sharing, in my last blog post.

At the time I was looking at a very cluttered kitchen counter.

I wondered, when exactly was it that I tho’t it was a great idea to have everything I’d ever need while cooking, at my finger-tips on said counter?

Picture rolling eyes & gagging happening.

I was also thinking about how long it took me to find the skirt I wanted to wear that morning.

My closet was bursting at the seams.

I am pleased to report the skirt wasn’t on the kitchen counter.

Although – there have been times when I’m wearing only a top & a smile.

That’s when I do set a skirt on the counter in case someone arrives at our door while I’m cooking – sans skirt.

Laughing out loud right now cuz it’s true.

I don’t know about you, but I have found that when my home is cluttered, so is my mind.

When that happens, I sort of flit from one thing to another instead of staying focused & getting something finished.

Or I spend too much time reading or watching TV.


The first question was, what things do I want to have at 85?

So, the sorting thru things started.

Throwing away stuff.

Putting other items into the ‘donate’ box.

& sharing my ‘still-lookin-good’ clothes with others.

Every time a box or bag leaves our home, I feel like I’ve lost weight.

Actually, I have! Mental, emotional & spiritual weight.

april20192Cuz all the clutter weighs me down.

Clogs my thinking.

Suffocates my happy.

And, leaves my heart with one prayer only – Help!!

Clearing clutter isn’t done in an afternoon.

It happens in small acts.

A little toss here…

A little give-away there…

 One step at a time.

I tackled those kitchen counters a few weeks ago.

They look amazing now.

I can see counter. Wink. Wink.

And every time I look at the counters, I feel like I can breathe deeper.

Removing clutter is so restorative.

Another question I had -

What do I want to be doing at 85?


Those answers were easy peasy –
To still be crazy in love with my Randy

To be writing & speaking

To be touching others lives with:
Delight &

To be healthy & energetic.

To be loving God & have him loving me too.

To be sharing lovely time in touch with family…
With all those kids all over the world…
The ones here & the grandchildren too.

That question, bro’t me to a big one –


Are the things I’m doing
& what I’m eating contributing to being that
Avant Garde
85-year-old babe? 

So, now I’m asking the question of myself numerous times a day.

Is what I’m doing this minute adding to the life I want to be living at 85?

For example, while sitting on the chair catching an HGTV show I get onto the stationary bike or walk on the spot.
I go for a healthier snack.
I’m doing healthier meal planning & cooking. 

And on that whole removing the clutter thing I do a little clean up on commercials.  It’s actually pretty amazing what tasks you can do in 4 minutes.
Cuz, seriously! How much stuff does one chill old babe really NEED?

I am not suggesting that all I do is watch TV, but these are ways while doing it I can still do things I’d really like to get done & they don’t feel like a huge chore. 

Each small decision is taking me closer to where I want to be at 85.

The other questions I’ve been asking me are:


Today, what would love do?
In this babe’s world one of the things love does is to kiss my Randy every time he leaves the door.

To greet him with bubbliness when he comes home.

To build meals we both love to share.

To watch my Molly’s or my sister’s favorite TV shows with them, even though we’re 11 hours apart. Texting up a storm during commercials.


What would kindness look like in this?
To invite someone to dinner or for coffee.
To pray with someone who’s heart is breaking.
To have a lovely talk when our International kids are looking for a ‘mom & dad type opinion’.

Where can I access joy today?
Sometimes it’s listening to music.
Reading some positive inspirational stuff.
Doing some illustrated journaling or scrapbooking.

When I think about what brings me joy…
Sometimes it’s looking at pretty. 

The other day I went into a gift shop & barely inside the door was a beautiful display of soft pink, white, soft icy blue & lavender gifts.
I melted.
It took my breath away.

My sweet friend who owns the store asked if she could help me.
My reply, “no. I must just stand & look & breathe.”
Then of course I had to shop.
Wink. Wink. Giggle. Giggle.


spring flowersSeveral of our International kids,
somehow found it necessary to share with me that they’ve been in their fields
or enjoying green grass & temperatures from +17 to + 19 for almost a month.

A few of them are in are in ‘the land down-under’ reveling in + 20 to +25 temps. Good Grief!!

The flowers are blooming. Blah! Blah! Blah!

Like I needed to know this while the snow outside was up to my waist & the temps were seriously frigid! LOL!!

News Flash!! Today we have hit +1!

It’s tropical.

Bikinis & sun hats are out of storage.


spring charThere are sun glasses aplenty & ski-bunny attire is being packed away.

Canadian summer has started.


Speaking of ski-bunny…

the only thing ski-ish about me is slipping into a stunning après-ski outfit in white or icy pink

& sipping a creamy hot peppermint cinnamon mochaccino in the ski lodge,

watching those other poor suckers fall on their bootie-licious bottoms.


There have been numerous stressful issues & situations in our world in this new year of 2019. So, I’ve been going to God to have Him order my life, emotions & days.

That reminds me of a little dude my Molly told me about who, when he heard his mother pray for God to order his grandma’s day, simply asked, “Mama. What website does God order days from?” Sooo cute! Wink! Wink!

With all the stress & pressure I’ve felt like my days were lacking order, joy & calm.

They were becoming knee-jerk reactions to events, rather than focusing on how God knew exactly what was going to come into each & every day.

Or focusing on the fact that He was going before us. That He was gonna get us to the other side.

I refuse to live in crisis mode all of the time so I began to ask ME some questions.

The first one was, “how do I want to start my days?”

I knew immediately it was with a prayer of gratitude.

A simple prayer.

The same one every morning.

“Thanx God, for giving me another beautiful day to love you!
Thanx so much for giving me another awesome day to be loved by you!”

Now, about these ‘beautiful & awesome’ days…
I need you to know that February was the longest YEAR we have had in years.

Actually, part way thru January it got cold. Like the highs were – 25 degrees cold, with wind chills making it feel like -34 to -48.

February gave us the longest cold spell since 1939.


spring snowAccording to Environment and Climate Change Canada, the last time we saw a stretch of similar February temperatures was in 1939. During that year, starting on the 6th of February, there were nine days in a row where daily highs did not make it into the minus teens.

This year we had 12 days of it, in a row & the rest of the month was not what one could call warm.

I have been praying this simple prayer every morning for weeks now.

And, every time I do, I put on a big smile when I pray it.

Some days I’m not really wanting to smile, but I do it anyway cuz it helps my brain think I’m happy.
(Check that out on Google. I’ve researched it but forgot where I put that research)

Huge smile!

This one’s for real!

Wink. Wink.

That prayer really helps me start my day in a positive frame of mind.

The very next thing I pray, while still in bed is another simple one…

“I’m looking forward to the Divine appointments You set up for me today.”

Truthfully though, some days I’m not really looking forward to speaking to:

The cruel & unkind.

The energy sucking whiners.

The negative.

The toxic.

Nor, the bullies.

But I say I’m looking forward to it as an act of faith…
Somedays while hoping the phone nor the doorbell will ring.

Just being honest.

Yesterday I woke exhausted.

My sweet Honey Bear & I had been discussing then praying…
Discussing…then more praying till early morning.

I was close to tears as I prayed

“Thanx God, for giving me another beautiful day to love you!
Thanx so much for giving me another awesome day to be loved by you!

I’m looking forward to the Divine appointments You set up for me today.”

God has such a sense of humor.

He also says that if we are faithful in the little things we will be faithful in the large ones…Luke 16:10-12

I had only been up a few minutes & the phone rang. I wondered who could it be this early?

I answered.

A fricken’ telemarketer blithering on about security issues on my computer.

I immediately said, “take me off your list!” He hung up.

Now, you gotta know I usually give a hysterically funny answer…or…

When they are standing on my last nerve, I sing…
getting louder & louder…
In a deep Contralto Operettic Voice,
“Take me off your list, take me off your list”
Over & over & over
ad nauseum for 2 minutes if they refuse to hang up.

Bad news on that is, then they call twice a day every day for a week.

They must just love the sound of my melodic voice. Not!

We had even considered getting one of those horrible loud siren horns to blast them,
But alas! We hadn’t found one yet.

So…after I got off that call, I remembered that God had suggested the last time I’d broken into my melodic interlude, that I could actually tell them that He loves them.

O boy! Oops!

Sorry God.

Umm…er…that’d feel kinda weird…
But. Ok. I will next time.

10 minutes later the phone rings again.

O ya.
Of course.

Yet another telemarketer.

“Do you know God loves you? Jesus does too. If you ask Jesus in your heart, you will go to heaven.”

First time ever, complete silence on the phone when I started talking to a telemarketer. They are always talking over me.

Then this morning…

Same thing.

Same silence as I told her of God’s love & finished by thanking her for calling me & telling her to have a great day.

This time it only required one call to get it right…
The Divine appointment, I mean.

I gave it to God as an act of love & worship.

These are the only times, to date, that I have gotten early morning tele-marketing calls.

Guess God knew I needed His appointments to be closer to my prayer, so I’d be more likely to understand…

spring kaleidoscopeThat even if He only gives me an audience of one…

My appointments every day are to in some way share His love.

To do all I do with love & kindness.

To pray.

To smile.

To laugh & love.

I’m gonna share more of my ‘Questions To Me’ in my April Blog Post.
Chatter with you then.





It’s the month of LOVE

happyfebruary3The movie channels say it is.

There are hearts & arrows a-plenty.
Romance is in the air…&
On the air.

My Love Muffin’s gag-reflex has been on high alert since the beginning of November.

That’s when the Christmas Romance movies started,
As a count-down to Christmas.

The Rom/Coms…
Usually a single parent meets the new love of their lives format…
Carried on thru New Year’s Eve to celebrate the start of 2019.

He breathed a deep & heavy sigh.
Whew! Done until November.
O no!

January started with a rush of ‘Love in winter’ ski lodge type rom/coms.
& as January drew to a close
His gag-reflex once again subsiding –

Was hit with the count-down to Valentine’s Day
An unbridled rush of romance flooded the airwaves yet, another time.

O yay!
Now it’s time for the mystery romance movies to start.
It would appear,

We all love, love.
Every kind of love.

An adorable-wiggly-puppy-licking your nose & toes sort of love.

A soft little kitten,
Snuggled up in your neck,
Purring in your ear,
Sweet kind of love.

Mushy – sweet – giggly – teary - wet kisses –
Aaahhh…baby love
the love of a child
The love for a child.

Love thru the years of your Grandma & Grandpa
Or your Nana & Papa

Your Daddy & Mama
Or your Mami & Papi
Or mom & dad.

The, ‘I can hit my brother & call my sister names,
That will take you down in a loyal family minute
If you think you can do the same’…
Kind of love.

The Dear Jesus help me,
I’m sooo scared,
I am sooo blessed,
You’ve bro’t me joy,
I’m just so grateful,
I love you so, God
Kind of love.

The romantic twitter-pated
He’s so gorgeous
I can’t breathe

We’re sooo much alike –
Like - um, blue cheese is his favorite dressing.
Mine too!

He likes the History Channel.
So do I!

He drives a GM.
I do too!

One of his favorite meals is steak.
It’s one of my faves too!

He breathes…goes to the bathroom…smiles & laughs.
Me too!
Sooo excited!!
Sooo wild!!
Sooo cool!!
We’re just so much alike!
Bwahahahahaha –
So much in-love, kinda love.

The I used to think it selfish to love myself.
I hated many parts of me…
But I have come to understand
That I am beautiful
Gifted &
I now know the kind of ‘I love myself’…
Kinda love.

Loving ourselves is one of the loving things we are supposed to do.
Matthew 22:39b says “Love others as you love yourself.”

happyfebruary2Years ago, because I didn’t love me –
I was very bad at doing nice things for me.

But now, after years of trial & error
& much practice,
I have achieved my Self-Care Boot-Camp Badge.

I can now relax in a candle lit bathroom,
Languishing in a profusion of bubbles,
Music playing.

Actually, I do nice things for myself every day for a minimum of an hour.

Everything from a slow sleepy wake up
to reading a good inspirational book,
or a happy ending fiction
or sweet romance novella,
for escape.

Chattering with someone loved,
Giggling like crazy watching Family Feud,
to sipping a strong full bodied cupa decaf.

Here are some other ways I practice self-love & self-care.

I love kid’s movies!
There is not much that’s more fun than hanging out with a theater full of children laughing hysterically when Pooh Bear gets stuck trying to find some honey.
O My!!
There’s nothing that comes close to the laughter of children!

Happy ending comedy romance movies bring me joy
& send sad and hopeless far away.

Going for walks clears my head of ‘have-tos’ or ‘should-ofs’…
& I am blessed to do my walks in the country.

Journaling is a big one on my list in lovin’ Char & taking care of me.
I journal sad,
all kinds of tho’ts.

I light some candles,
curl up in my pink camo blanket,
grab a cushion or a lap pillow &
start to write.

I still find the creativity of scrap-booking soothing to my soul.
It’s so lovely to be a sharer-of-memories
& a memory keeper.

A couple of years ago I started illustrated journaling.
It’s kind of like scrap-booking with words & coloring.

O my goodness!
I fell in love with it.

I have always loved underlining & making comments in the margins in my books
& even in my Bibles.

Now I do it with crayons, pretty ink pens & even stickers.

My books,
& my daily planners have become such pretty works of art.
For me it is soul refreshing!

Another one of the things I do to love me more is to express my emotions in a way that does not hurt someone else.

Laughter can relieve physical, mental & emotional tension.
I just love laughing & even more than that I love making others laugh.

I love to laugh at the ridiculous things I do.
They really make for excellent stories & illustrations,
as to the things one shouldn’t do.

Laughing at ourselves keeps us from dying of terminal seriousness.
And that’s a really good thing!
It also gets those great endorphins buzzing around.

Sometimes I express thru crying
which helps me to avert anxiety & panic attacks,
because it gets those feeling outside of me.

Dishing up sweet doses of self-love & doing what nurtures us brings good health.
It also makes us happier.

That in turn means we are better able to give love
& support to those we care about.
Which makes them happier & healthier too!

That’s a
love, love,
win, win.

Along with incorporating the good stuff I’ve been sharing
Self-love & self-care involves ditching some bad stuff.

Bad stuff to lose…the stuff that shreds your soul:

Envy & Jealousy:
Comparing is a seriously self-destructive act.
There will always be those who are better off than you
or some who are doing much worse.
Stop wasting time on envy.

Be your best you
& leave the rest of it to God.
Jealousy & envy eat away at your soul,
destroy relationships
& make you and everyone else miserable.

The blame game sucks the life out of you.
Everything that happens to us can either make us bitter or better
& the only difference is the letter ‘I’.
What am ‘I’ going to do with this?

Also, often in our pain we want someone else to be responsible –
When in actual fact it could be something,
we have done that’s gotten us into the mess.

Do some soul searching,
In EVERY situation & ask –
What part did I play in this?

STOP blaming!
It’s a dead-end road that leaves you aching.

Spite & the need for revenge:
You may think that if you could just tell ‘them’ this
or just do that to ‘them’
you’d feel on top of the world.
Doesn’t work that way!

When you do retaliate,
after the first rush,
you end up feeling hollow &
a little less like who you’d love to be.

Remember the saying “what goes around comes around?”
Or “You reap what you sow”?
You never have to get revenge.
God will always take care of it.

Unforgiveness & holding a grudge:
Forgiveness is something you do for you…not for them.
It is releasing someone from a debt they can never pay.

It does not imply trust.

happyfebruaryI have forgiven people for personal woundings & betrayals,
but that does not mean I trust them implicitly.
Nor do I leave myself open to more pain.

Sometimes, after I’ve forgiven,
I must take myself into protective custody
& hang out with my BFF, J.C.

It’s the month of love…
But really…
I’d rather have a life of LOVE.

In all this,
What I’m really saying, is…

Love each other well.
In every situation, ask…
What would love do?


Some of this is an excerpt from The Princess of Quite-A-Bit.

Happy New Year!!

Thanx so much for checking out my first blog post this year. I’m so happy you are here.

A few years ago, I made the 1st new year’s resolution I’ve ever kept
& it was…
Never make another new year’s resolution.

It’s not that I don’t set goals or make plans for my year. It’s just that by mid-January, every year, I found I was feeling like such a loser because I had already failed in several, if not all, of those resolutions.

Having an abundance of good intentions at the start of each new year has never been an issue. My follow thru, however, was not stellar. 

One word to note is…abundance. Always the keener, I’d make a minimum of 10 resolutions. Sometimes 25.

I figured I’d better clean up my entire life cuz it was New Year’s Day. Hold the cheers, fire crackers & kisses. I was terrified!

Not only did I make too many. They were vague.
I will lose weight…How much? What’s the timeline?
I will exercise everyday…for how long? What kind? Why not skip Sundays?
I will read 30 books…so, how many per month? What kind?
I will sort thru & downsize by half…every room of the house…what room first?
I will organize my cupboards…my closets. Where do I start?
I will redecorate the living room. With what? Everything pink? Wink. Wink.
I’ll reorganize my office. Overhaul all my files. What the what!! I don’t even have a paper shredder!

Blah. Blah. Blah.

But now - since I made my ‘no resolution’ resolution,
I do things differently at the start of each new year.

I’ve gotta let you know my love for touching & holding books,
feeling the paper & hand-written notes etc.
has not yet released me from passion for ‘hard copy’ daily planners.

I do have all of our appointments on my ‘phone-calendar’.
My husband accomplished a monumental task when he finally (after months & months), convinced me to put said appointments into my phone calendar.
Of course, my stipulation was that I had an accompanying real Daily Planner…pink-papered-perfection! Giggle. Giggle.

its2019 1I start my new year with transferring important dates (birthdays, anniversaries etc.) from my previous year’s daily planner into my new one. This planner is the only place where I keep birthdays etc. cuz they clutter up my phone calendar & I’m not a Facebook babe.


Then…O my!!
I decorate my pages.

There’s washi tape & stickers a-plenty.
Multiple ink colors
& funky little Char-made borders, illustrations & symbols.

I look at it & it just makes me feel good.


its2019 2The birthdays & anniversaries are in blue ink with pink shabby-chic borders.
Sometimes there’s a cake or cupcake sticker on the birthdays.
Our anniversary day is filled with hearts & romance.
December is loaded to the nines with Christmas galore.

I add in all of our appointments as well…as they are booked.


When I’m going thru my last year & transferring the occasions, I also add in other special days that we love to celebrate…
& ones we need to commemorate because of loss or
ones that mark achievements;

its2019 3The 1st phone call, ever, from my Randy.
The day we met when he showed up on my doorstep.
My 1st trip out to the middle of everywhere Saskatchewan.

The day Miss Molly got her puppy, Gunny 
& also, the day her last one, Brunchie went to puppy heaven. 

The completion of The Princess of Quite-A-Bit
& of A Dish of Delish!
My book launch. 

The day our beautiful grand-daughter went to heaven
& the day my sweet nephew left earth for heaven as well. 

The visits from all of our International kids.
The things we’ve done & where we’ve gone…
like to The Dirty Bird for lunch. LOL! 

As the year goes on, I write in little things, so that looking back it’s like a condensed diary.

Something I believe to be important is to recall…
To remember last year’s successes
It’s tragedies.
It’s joys.
It sorrows.
The laughter & the tears. 

That always gives me pause for gratitude
& to remember to be thankful, in the moments, for everything.
To remember the lessons learned
& really, to make the most of every day.


To love as if it is our last opportunity.
To be kind, as if it is the last thing we will ever do.
To think about how we want to be remembered…
If this, in fact, was our last day on earth. 

Have we loved enuff?
Been kind enuff?
Prayed enuff?
Been grateful enuff?
Laughed enuff?
Cried enuff?
Shared our smile enuff?

Have we been real enuff?
Or did we play pretend by acting as if we were someone that we’re not?
Did we bully?
Speak unkind?
Look the other way, when someone needed our help?
Did we withhold a compliment, when we knew it could have made their day?
Were we so self-absorbed that we neglected to see their need?
Were we so bent on winning, that we failed miserably at loving?

In looking back at my previous year,
do I wish I had the opportunity for some do-overs? 

These are the things I reflect on at this start of a new year…

its2019 4I do have plans & goals I’m working on in 2019;
Writing…deciding on which writing project to start with & finishing 1…maybe 2 writing projects this year.

Losing weight…cough. Cough. Sputter. Sputter. Possibly 5 pounds per month.

Exercising…um…er…say 20 minutes a day at least 4 days a week.
Sorting & purging…could it be, one room a month?

But some things I’m seriously wanting to accomplish this year;
To find joy in every day.
To ask the question, consistently, what would love do?
To be grateful &
To pray & hang out with my BFF, JC, His Dad & HS. 

Praying you have a Happy New Year, sharing as much joy, love, laughter & compassion, as you possibly can.

Big Hugs & Huge Love,
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