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A Dish of Delish Front Cover
A Dish of Delish back Cover

Hot Off the Press!! 

The Princess of Quite-A-Bit is here!
It's Little Bits of Inspiration, Joy & Laughter from A Can-Do Babe.

Front cover

Now available at:

  • Kadaizy Flowers & Gifts - 127 Kaiser William Ave E, Langenburg, SK
  • Co-op, Churchbridge Food Store - 111 Vincent Avenue, Churchbridge, SK
  • MacNutt Hotel - Main St, MacNutt, SK

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Only $20 plus shipping

Book Reviews

  • Dearest.......please.....please....please I would love for this book to go on. Just like a great movie-i want more. I sailed thru your book - hearing your voice in every word you wrote.Char,it was simply amazing, so funny, so joyous, so spiritual, so real, so YOU. I am certainly looking forward to The Princess of Quite a Bit More.
    Brenda Professional
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