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  • “Char has helped our business in a number of ways. The most important being in assisting us in understanding our relationships with others. As managers we need to be able to know what drives people and makes them feel valued. Char is very in tune with people’s different personalities. She does a fantastic job in her workshops interactively explaining differences and how to better communicate with those around you based on both your own and other’s specific personalities. This has facilitated a higher appreciation of strengths and weaknesses within our team at work and as well as in our personal relationships. I believe that Char’s greatest strength is her compassion for people. Her grasp of human resources and understanding that a business is nothing without its people shine through in everything she does. We feel that her compassion along with her outside thinking gives us a competitive advantage with our employees, clients and partners alike. She has become a vital “go to” person for us in our business.”
    Karen, Business Owner
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